The Need for Great Leaders is More Critical Than Ever

82% of young adults say “society is facing a crisis of leadership because there are not enough good leaders right now.” - Barna Group

Without the practical skills to lead well:

You’ll lose your top talent

You’ll struggle to attract the best talent

You’ll lose institutional knowledge

The 4Sight Leadership Institute provides practical training, coaching for application, and accountability for implementation to equip you to thrive in your leadership.

Focused Training

One training video per month on a focused topic to equip you with the strategies and tools you need to take your leadership to the next level. 

Supportive Coaching

Monthly live coaching video calls with a 4Sight Leadership Coach to help you apply your learning to your specific leadership environment.

Accountable Implementation

Weekly communication to support you as you apply your learning to your leadership.

Do you desire to be a more confident leader?

  • Do you find yourself not prepared or equipped for challenging conversations?
  • Do you feel scattered and not focused on what really matters?
  • Are you struggling to juggle the demands of greater leadership responsibility?
  • Are you frustrated with meetings that are inefficient and not inspiring?

A Little Less Talk. A Lot More Action.

Leaders are overwhelmed with information. The problem isn't a lack of leadership content - it's having the time, space, and accountability needed to apply leadership development content to real life.
The 4Sight Leadership Institute is designed to provide a place and a period of time for leaders to learn, apply, and grow their skills...and when leaders grow, organizations flourish.
Think of us as your personal leadership development department!

We'll Cover Topics Like:

  • Developing a Leadership Philosophy
  • Self-Leadership
  • Challenging Conversations
  • Effective Meetings
  • Time Management
  • Lead Well From the Middle
  •  And More!

What You'll Get:

  •  Access to the 4Sight Leadership Institute content and training. New content added every month.
  • Monthly live coaching video calls with a 4Sight Leadership Coach to discuss and apply the content. 
  • Weekly prompts and resources for application and accountability.
  •  Future access to additional 4Sight courses such as The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership and 5 SImple Steps to a Great Strategic Plan.

Developing Your Leaders Is Essential

82% of American workers said they would potentially quit their job because of a bad manager.

43% of managers say they’re burned out.

Expectations on mid-level leaders has increased over the past 3 years.

Investing in your leaders results in greater retention of leaders and employees.

Leadership development is essential to the health of your team culture.

Leadership Development Training with Jenni Catron and the 4Sight Coaching Team

The 4Sight Leadership Institute is a leadership development training program led by Jenni Catron, the 4Sight Coaching Team, and other special guest speakers. 

Through monthly video teachings, the team will train you in practical, hands-on tools to help you learn how to lead well on your journey to becoming an extraordinary leader. 

In addition, there will be a monthly group video coaching call with a 4Sight Leadership Coach for discussion and application of the content.

Leadership can be frustrating when you feel ill-equipped to face the daily challenges of leading yourself and leading a team. The content you will have access to is designed to equip you to not only navigate those challenges effectively but learn how to lead yourself and others well.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the set-up of the monthly online call?

The Connect with Coaches Zoom call will be the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Noon (CT).

Is 4Sight Leadership Institute for men and women?


Can more than one person use a 4Sight Leadership Institute account?

All communication and coaching can only be assigned to one email account.

Will the monthly video and coaching call be available to watch “on demand” should a participant be unable to attend live?

Not at this time. For everyone to learn and get the most out of the calls, we would like live participation.

My organization is tax-exempt, why was I charged sales tax?

The 4Sight Leadership Institute is powered by Teachable and they facilitate all payments including managing sales tax. 

Students from tax-exempt organizations who purchase products or services on the Teachable platform should submit a refund request to [email protected].

The refund request should include a copy of the purchase receipt showing the sales tax paid, an Order ID (contact [email protected] for Order ID), as well as a copy of their state sales tax exemption certificate.

Teachable will issue a refund once the documentation has been reviewed and approved. Usually, the process takes about 7 days.

If I cancel my subscription, will I still be able to access past content?

Once you cancel your subscription, you will not have access to Teachable anymore to access the content. The system automatically removes you. Your subscription pays for access to the content for the duration of your time enrolled.

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